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  • Why go tiny?
    Tiny homes are a big deal! They're affordable, eco-friendly, and let you roam free. It's all about embracing a minimalist lifestyle and kicking unnecessary stuff to the curb.
  • Are tiny homes legal in Australia?
    Rules vary, but we'll help you navigate the tiny home maze. Reach out to us, and we'll guide you on how to make your tiny dream home legit.
  • Can I live in a tiny home full-time?
    Absolutely! Embrace simplicity and live life on your terms. Just make sure to check local regulations for long-term tiny living.
  • Can I get creative with my tiny home?
    Absolutely! Let's make your tiny home dreams come true. Whether you want a unique layout or luxury design elements, we're here to bring the "wow" factor.
  • How long to build a tiny home?
    We'll have you sipping tea in your dreamy tiny abode within about 120 days. Good things do come in small packages!
  • Can I finance a tiny home?
    You sure can! We can point you in the right direction for financing your tiny adventure with one of our partners. Send us an enquiry so we can find a solution for your budget and make your dreams a reality.
  • What's the price tag on a tiny home?
    Our designs come in all shapes and sizes, so costs vary. We publish prices next to each design, with the lower one being for basic finishes and the higher one for ooh la la! Or you may be a Goldilocks…something in between.
  • Why do tiny homes have wheels?
    By putting them on trailers, these homes can easily hitch a ride to different locations, giving you the freedom to change your living environment and they comply with caravan zoning and permit rules.
  • Can tiny homes be permanent?
    Absolutely! Tiny homes can settle down too, you know. If you have a specific spot in mind, we can design and build a permanent tiny home for you. We'll make sure it meets all the local building regulations and guidelines, so it's here to stay.
  • Can you deliver my tiny home?
    Absolutely! We'll safely deliver your completed tiny home to your chosen destination, so you can start enjoying your tiny haven in no time.
  • How much does a tiny house weigh?
    Our wheeled wonders can be light as a feather or a bit more substantial. You're looking at 3.5-4.5 tonnes. So, buckle up, because we'll make sure your tiny house is roadworthy.
  • Can I tow my own tiny?
    If you have a bad-ass truck with the right towing capacity, yes, but we don’t recommend it…Why not trust a professional driver who knows the roads (think trees, power lines and tight turns) and has full insurance!
  • Can I live off-grid in my tiny home?
    Absolutely! Embrace eco-freedom with solar power, rainwater harvesting, and waterless toilets. We will customise a solution just for you.
  • Can I have a normal toilet in a tiny home?
    Oh yes, you can! But if connecting to sewage mains is a no-go, fear not! We've got options that are both eco-friendly and convenient.
  • What happens to waste and grey-water in a tiny home?
    Composting toilets create compost from solid waste, while grey-water can be filtered for garden use. Alternatively, it can be diverted to a septic system or municipal wastewater treatment if available.
  • Do composting toilets smell?
    Nope! When properly maintained, they're odour-free. We also have Dry Flush and incinerator toilets (the king of off-grid toilets for you fancy pants).
  • How do I get electricity in a tiny home?
    Powering up a tiny home is as easy as plugging in a toaster. Just in this case, it's with a 15 amp caravan power cord connected to a dedicated power outlet. Most homes have one in their electrical box, but a licensed electrician can add them in no time.
  • How do I get water in a tiny home?
    Easy peasy…just pop an ordinary house into the caravan water inlet on the side of your tiny home.
  • How do I get gas in a tiny home?
    A licensed gas fitter can install a gas line and hook you up to the appropriate gas source, whether it's LPG cylinders or natural gas, depending on what's available in your neck of the woods.
  • Are tiny homes cozy in all seasons?
    You betcha! We insulate our tiny homes to keep you snug as a bug. We use top-notch insulation materials to keep the temperature just right and to soundproof those dance parties inside.
  • Can I get AC?
    Of course! Our natural ventilation is pretty epic but when you need it, we can install a groovy new all-in-one reverse cycle that doesn’t have an ugly compressor outside of the home
  • Do I need council approval for my Tiny House?
    Some councils approve of tiny houses on wheels, but rules can vary. Check with your local council for approval requirements and start your tiny journey on the right foot! We can definitely help.
  • Where can I park my tiny house?
    Explore your tiny parking options! RV parks, tiny house communities, and private properties you rent (with permission) offer potential spots. Use sites like to help find your perfect place to call home!
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