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Your one stop shop for granny flats

Looking after you from go to woah

We get to know you... design something fabulous... draw up plans...
get all required approvals... build off or on site... furnish... pop the champagne!

Your Vision

Start with one of our existing designs and customise it or start from scratch!


Exciting news for homeowners across Australia! Many states have updated their legislation, making it easier for you to build and rent out a secondary dwelling, often known as a "Granny Flat." This change has savvy homeowners ditching traditional investment properties in favor of these charming little


Why Choose a Granny Flat?

  • Impressive Rental Yields: Earn 12-20% p.a. – talk about a sweet deal!

  • Capital Growth: Watch your investment grow year after year.

  • Tax Benefits: Enjoy up to $6,000 p.a. in tax depreciation benefits.

  • Tax-Free Capital Gain: Thanks to your primary place of residence status, your gains stay in your pocket, tax-free!



Lemon squeesy! Modular granny flats are like building superheroes with some serious advantages!

  • Zen Construction Zone: Less chaos in the neighborhood with off-site construction. No plumbers crack, early wake-up calls, or grumpy neighbors!

  • Flash-Fast Construction: Built lightning-fast in a factory with no rain delays

  • Precision Power: Built with laser-like accuracy and designer finishes for exceptional quality and durability.

  • Customization Superpowers: We will personalise your design to match you existing home, style and budget

  • Portability Perks: Need to relocate? No problem! Disassemble and move your granny flat to the next place

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