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Tiny Living, Big Planning: Your Ultimate Checklist to Embrace the Tiny Home Lifestyle

Welcome to the world of tiny living, where less is more, and freedom is measured in square feet! If you're considering downsizing your life and upsizing your adventures, you're in the right place. Here's a foolproof checklist to transition smoothly into your new tiny home.

Woman sitting on tiny home deck with dog

1. Land Ho! Rent or Buy Your Perfect Spot

Before you can park your charming little house, you need a patch of land to call home. Whether you're eyeing a rustic retreat or a spot in a bustling tiny house community, the decision to rent or buy depends on your lifestyle, budget, and how much you dislike neighbours (just kidding!). Make sure it’s a place where your heart feels as content as your wallet.

2. Council Regulations: Navigating the Red Tape Maze

Nobody likes a surprise visit from the council with news that your tiny home violates zoning laws. Do your homework on local regulations—size restrictions, land use laws, and building codes. It’s about as fun as watching paint dry, but less messy.

3. Show Me the Money: Budgeting and Financing

Unless you've discovered a money tree, you'll need a solid budget and financing in place. Overestimate costs because surprises in tiny home building often come with a price tag. Remember, your dream home isn't a dream when it's drowning you in debt. Need Tiny Home financing? Contact us today and we'll point you in the right direction.

4. Find a Great Builder (That’s Us, by the Way!)

A great builder is like a superhero for your tiny home—minus the cape. Choose one that understands your vision, has a portfolio of drool-worthy homes, and boasts testimonials happier than a kid in a candy store. Spoiler alert: We tick all those boxes.

5. Customise Your Design: Your Home, Your Rules

Whether you want a fold-out deck or a loft that rivals the nest of an eagle, this is where you make your mark. Work closely with your builder to ensure every nook and cranny of your tiny home reflects your personality and meets your needs. Tiny doesn’t mean you can’t dream big.

6. Declutter: The Great Purge Before the Splurge

Start getting rid of stuff now because moving day will come faster than you think. If you haven't used it in a year, do you really need it? Sell, donate, or gift your way to a minimalist lifestyle that would make Marie Kondo proud. We've got some awesome tips on decluttering!

7. Move In and Feel the Freedom

The paint’s dry, the tiny home is planted, and it’s time to move in. Breathe in the freedom of living within your means, of having less to clean, and more time to live. Welcome home!

Embracing Tiny Living

Making the switch to a tiny home is exhilarating, but it's not a spur-of-the-moment decision. It's a journey that requires planning, patience, and a bit of pluck. But by following this checklist, you’re not just readying a home; you’re preparing for a life of simplicity, sustainability, and satisfaction.

Happy Tiny Living!

Ready to embrace the Tiny Home lifestyle? Contact us today!

Cris & Bryh x

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