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What is involved in building a modular granny flat?

So you want something permanent or a bit bigger than a tiny house on wheels? Step into the world of modular homes, where innovation, efficiency, and endless possibilities converge. Modular homes are like building superheroes with some serious advantages! Here's a speedy rundown of why buying one from Big Life Tiny Home is an epic choice...

Gorgeous tiny home interior with fire place and views of outback

Zen Construction Zone

Modular homes create less chaos in the neighbourhood. With off-site construction, you'll enjoy a peaceful building process… No plumbers crack, no early morning wake-up calls, no street full of utes or grumpy neighbours!

Flash-Fast Construction

Modular homes are built lightning-fast in a factory. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to moving into your new home pronto!

Precision Power

Modular homes are built with laser-like precision using top-notch materials. The factory setting ensures the highest level of quality and durability for your home.

Customisation Superpowers

Your modular home is all about you! Choose from a range of options to personalise your space and make it uniquely yours.

Flexibility and Portability Perks

Need to relocate? No problem! Modular homes can be disassembled and moved, giving you the power to sell them or take your home wherever you go.

Modular design tiny home in beautiful tranquil outback

Phase 1: Let's Get Dreaming!

  • Ready for some backyard magic? We'll meet up to dive into your wildest ideas for your new granny flat including a site visit if possible.

  • We'll get a full brief from you to understand everything you need and want in the design from layout to look. We actually listen!

  • We'll handle those pesky Council requirements and make sure your site is suitable for a modular home or granny flat including access for crane delivery.

  • We may organise a “pre-lodgement” meeting with the council to flag any concerns.

  • Let’s establish a budget range for both modular and site works.

  • If all of the above is a green light let's progress to…

Phase 2: Design Delight!

  • Hold onto your hats because It's time to bring your vision to life!

  • We'll whip up detailed plans, elevations, and some jaw-dropping mood boards showing all your yummy finishes and fixtures. This part does come with a fee, but it's fully refundable against the purchase price!

  • We'll need to do some soil testing and a survey so we can draw up a proper site plan and engineer footings

Mood board design of colours, finishes, fixtures
We'll create a gorgeous mood board to suit you and your style!

Floor plan of Big Life Tiny Home modular design granny flat
We'll whip up details plans and elevations of your new Modular design!

Phase 3: Getting Approval!

  • We're moving full steam ahead towards the big "DA" (that's Development Application) approval. We'll gather all the necessary documentation for your secondary dwelling, get those Council forms signed, and bring in a local town planner (if required) and private certifier to make sure everything is shipshape.

  • We’ll get any reports required such as energy, bushfire, wind, environmental etc.

Phase 4: Let's dive into the details

  • Now that we have all the specialist reports back and the council have given us the preliminary green light, we will compile all the information so we can put all the final touches on the plans and specifications for your approval.

  • We take all the above info as well as quotes from tradespeople and come back to you with a final cost for everything installed on your site.

  • If everyone’s happy we will prepare a contract for signing.

Phase 5: Construction Carnival!

  • The moment we've all been waiting for—construction time! A team of rockstar tradies will kick things off on-site with a bit of earthwork and installation of services… usually takes a couple of weeks. We have our own builder who can install on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers. For further locations, we will need to team up with a builder in your location.

  • While those guys are on site, we will be like busy little bees working away in our factory creating your dream granny flat. Throughout the process, our private certifier will make sure everything meets the mark with critical inspections.

  • After about 4-5 months we will roll in with some big toys (crane) and drop your modular home onto the foundations. From there it’s pretty darn quick to tie off and hook up services, usually just a couple of weeks.

  • If you have extras like decks and landscaping, we can organise those finishing touches. When it's all done, we'll hand you the keys, raise a toast with a complimentary bottle of bubbles, and celebrate your new digs!

In the realm of modular homes, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination. Experience the marriage of technology, design, and sustainability as you embark on a journey to create a home that truly speaks to you. It's time to redefine what's possible in residential construction and discover the transformative magic of modular homes. Welcome to a world where innovation, style, and sustainability come together to create extraordinary living spaces.

We will make you part of our Big Life Tiny Home community and hope to become lifelong friends! You will never be just a number to us… We listen, we get you, we are here for you, every step of the way and beyond. Want to get started on building your dream modular home or have more questions? Let's chat!

Check out our full Tiny Home designs here!

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