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Decluttering Your Space Series: Living Room Revival (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome back to our decluttering series! In Part 2, we're fluffing the cushions and tidying the toys—it's time to declutter the living room.

Paper Pile-Up

Old magazines and newspapers have a knack for lingering. Today, we break the cycle. Keep the latest issue, and recycle the rest. For future-proofing, switch to digital subscriptions.

Toy Taming

For homes with kids, toy clutter is real. Implement a "one in, one out" policy. Encourage children to donate toys they no longer use to make room for new favourites.

The Public Donation Box

Lead by example with a donation box in your living space. Fill it with items you no longer need, and you'll inspire the whole family to think about giving.

Remote Control Roundup

Assign a specific home for remotes—a drawer or a decorative box on the coffee table. A single location prevents them from becoming part of the clutter.

Join us for our final instalment where we’ll sort out the study, streamline closets, and tackle the dreaded garage. It's time to reclaim your space!

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