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Decluttering Your Space Series: Office and Garage Glory (Part 3 of 3)

We've reached the finale of our decluttering series! Roll up your sleeves; we're diving into the home office and garage.

Desk Detox

Paper clutter is the bane of the home office. Go digital where possible, and for essential documents, adopt a scan-and-shred routine. Keep a bin for "to scan" and "scanned" documents, and make this a weekly habit.

Document Retention Guide

Create a filing system for physical documents based on retention needs:

  • 3 months: Regular receipts, and bank statements.

  • 3 years: Tax documents, insurance records.

  • 7+ years: All tax filings, and major financial documents.

  • Forever: Birth certificates, passports, property deeds.

Garage Game Plan

Now, to the final frontier: the garage. Start by removing broken items. Next, scrutinise each item’s use within the last year. If it's collecting dust, it's time to say goodbye.

Sports Equipment Strategy

For active gear, keep only what you regularly use. Consider a garage sale for the rest, or donate to local schools or clubs.

Memory Lane Mindfulness

Sentimental items can be tough. Choose a few to keep, then photograph the rest before letting them go. Digital memories take up less space!

The One-Year Rule

Haven’t used it in a year? Out it goes. This rule simplifies decision-making and keeps your garage in check.

Frequent Sort-Outs

Schedule seasonal decluttering sessions. Regular check-ins prevent pile-ups and keep your garage accessible for, well, your car!

Closing Thoughts

Decluttering isn't just about throwing things away. It's a mindful practice of choosing what adds value to your life and letting go of what doesn't. Through this series, we've conquered kitchens to garages with practical steps to create serenity in your sanctuary.

Cris & Bryh x

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