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7 Tips To Safely Welcome Your Dream Tiny Home 🏡 🚚

Hello, beautiful tiny home enthusiasts!

The excitement of receiving your tiny home is quite unparalleled. It’s like Christmas morning for adults! But how exactly does your tiny jewel make its way to you? Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of tiny home deliveries.

Tiny Home situated in gorgeous forest surrounded by trees

1. The Mighty Towing Champions 🚛

Wondering which vehicles are up for this Herculean task? Trucks rated at 4.5 tonnes are your go-to. The iconic Ford F-250 and the robust Dodge Ram top the list.

Large Ram ute towing a tiny home

2. Day Permits & Insurance 📄

If you're considering DIY towing, remember to grab a day permit for unregistered vehicles. And never skip on insurance; it’s like an umbrella on a rainy day.

3. Why Professionals Rock! 🌟

Considering professional transport? Great choice! They're the wizards of route planning, avoiding tricky bridges and weigh stations. Plus, they're seasoned in handling our homes in unpredictable weather. Bonus: their flatbeds can also haul your additional goodies like modular decking.

4. The Arrival Dance 🕺💃

Upon arrival, a forklift might just be the dance partner your tiny home needs to sashay perfectly into position. Bryh just got her license, but alas she probably lives too far!

5. Obstacle Alert! 🚧

Power lines, mood swings of the terrain, tight turns, that sneaky tree branch, or unexpected ground conditions – it’s like an obstacle course out there! Preparation is key; else delivery day can turn from fun to frantic.

Cris from Big Life Tiny Home directing tow truck into property

6. Settling In 🌅

A level site is essential. If you're dealing with soft ground, be ready with some concrete panels. These are like comfy shoes for your home – ensuring they sit pretty without a wobble!

7. Post-Delivery Touch-ups 🎨

Tiny homes are sturdy, but a little jiggle during transport might cause minor wall cracks. No stress! A dab of 'No More Gaps' and a touch of the paint we send over will have it looking pristine.

No more gaps

In the end, while the journey of getting your tiny home might seem intricate, it's all a part of the grand adventure. And remember, with us, it's never just about the product. It's about the care, the camaraderie, and the community.

So, as your tiny home rolls into your life, remember that it brings with it a pocket-sized world of dreams. And we're thrilled to be on this journey with you.

With tiny love and big excitement, Cris & Bryh 🚪❤️

Want to build with us? Contact us today and let's get started!

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