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Embrace the Great Outdoors: Creating an Epic Outdoor Living Space for Your New Tiny Home

Who needs all that wasted interior space to clean and maintain when the true essence of living is found outdoors? An epic outdoor living space that will become the heart and soul of your abode. Let’s explore just a few things that can transform your outdoor area into a dreamy oasis. From a massive dining table for 12 to a cozy daybed, from a sizzling BBQ to a relaxing plunge pool, let's dive into the world of outdoor luxury and functionality.

Al Fresco Dining Extravaganza:

You don’t have to say goodbye to dinner parties when you buy a tiny home. You just have to create a deck or patio and add a big ol’ farmhouse-style dining table that can comfortably accommodate 8, 10 or even 12 guests! Gather your loved ones for unforgettable feasts under the open sky, celebrating the joy of shared meals and creating cherished memories.

Dinner party with a beautiful setting outdoor tiny house

Indulgent Daybed Retreat:

Embrace the art of Bali-style relaxation with an indulgent daybed, where you can lounge and unwind in style. Whether it's for a lazy afternoon nap or a quiet reading session, this cozy oasis will become your go-to spot for peaceful moments in nature.

Day bed or lounge outdoor setting tiny house

Outdoor Kitchen Bliss:

Take your culinary skills to new heights with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Complete with a built-in BBQ, bar fridge, and ample counter space, you'll have everything you need to whip up delicious meals while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Prepare to become the master of outdoor cooking!

Gather Around the Fire Pit:

As the sun sets and the temperature drops, gather your friends and family around a mesmerising fire pit. Share stories, roast marshmallows, and revel in the warmth and glow of the crackling flames. It's the perfect ambience for cozy evenings under the starry sky.

Friends enjoying some drinks around the fire pit under star sky

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven:

Imagine the aroma of freshly baked pizzas wafting through the air as you gather around, creating customised pies and savouring every delectable bite. It's a culinary adventure that brings people together.

Wood fire pizza oven with delicious looking pizza

Lounge in Comfort:

Create an outdoor living room larger than your new tiny home complete with a stylish and comfortable sofa, lounge chairs and an outdoor rug. This is where relaxation and conversation collide with nature.

Beautiful outdoor setting at tiny house with lounge, rug and swing seat

Plunge Pool Serenity:

Escape the summer heat with your very own plunge pool. Have you seen those super cool water tank-style pools…wow! Take refreshing dips, soak away your worries, and experience a little slice of paradise right outside your door.

Women soaking in a plunge pool at a tiny house

Embrace the Elements with a Covered Deck:

To make the most of your outdoor space throughout the year, create a covered deck that shields you from changing weather conditions. Rain or shine, you can still enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while staying protected.

Stay Cozy with Heat Lamps:

Extend your outdoor living season by incorporating heat lamps that provide warmth and comfort during cooler evenings. They'll keep the chill at bay, allowing you to continue enjoying your outdoor space all year round.

Outdoor heater with couch and table

Privacy and Versatility with Cabana Curtains:

For added privacy and versatility, consider installing cabana curtains. These stylish drapes can be drawn when desired, creating an intimate space for relaxation or shade on a hot day.

Cabana curtains with palm tree in background

So, step outside and let your outdoor oasis become the ultimate extension of your Big Life Tiny Home! Give us a call and let's begin the design of your dream life!

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