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How to Prepare Your Tiny House for Severe Weather Conditions: Trees, Cyclones, and Floods, Oh My! 🌳

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Hey, tiny home enthusiasts!

Your tiny house is your haven, your cozy nest, your own personal slice of paradise. But let's not forget that it, like any house, needs some TLC when the storms a-brewin’!

Whether it's looming cyclones, potential floods, or those seemingly innocent trees nearby, we've got you covered. Dive in for a bespoke guide on prepping your tiny home for whatever weather comes your way!

Rain running down window in Tiny Home

1. Trees and Branches 🌳🍂

  • Inspect and Trim: Keep an eye on the health of trees near your parking spot. Regularly trim branches that might come down in a storm.

  • Park Smart: Consider the location and choose a spot that minimises potential tree hazards.

2. Secure Your Tiny Home for Cyclones 🌪️💨

  • Engineer It Right: Our tiny homes can be engineered for cyclone rating! It might cost a bit extra, but safety first, right?

  • Windows and Doors: Double-check them to ensure they're sealed tight against wind and rain.

3. Flood Preparedness 🚣💦

  • Move to Higher Ground: One of the many perks of tiny living is mobility! If flooding is a risk, your home can be relocated to safety.

  • Modular Decking and Stairs: Consider designs that can be quickly disassembled if you live in a flood-prone area.

4. Power Precautions for Tiny Homes 💡🔌

  • Secure the Power Cord: Tiny homes often rely on a 15-amp power cord. Make sure it's protected from the wind and won't be submerged in water during a storm.

  • Solar Solutions: If you have solar panels, think about back-up options like a generator and battery storage. Always be ready to keep those essential appliances running.

  • Emergency Essentials: Keep emergency lights and portable chargers handy just in case.

6. Join the Tiny Home Community Spirit 🤝💖

  • Have a Towing Company on Speed Dial: Living tiny means being mobile, so keep contacts handy to move your tiny home if needed.

  • Connect with Fellow Tiny Dwellers: Stay in touch with others in your tiny community. Share information, and insights, and offer help if you can.

  • Prepare Together: Coordinate with neighbours to ensure everyone is ready for severe weather. It's not just about your home; it's about our tiny living community

7. Tailor Your Tiny to Your Climate 🌞❄️🌬️

  • Climate-Smart Design: We can customise your tiny with extra insulation, AC, heating, and window orientation to suit your weather conditions.

  • Work with Us: Your dreams, needs, and local climate are our priority. Let's make your tiny home perfect for YOU.

Weathering a storm (literally!) in a tiny home doesn't have to be a nerve-wracking experience. With the right precautions, design choices, and a dash of community spirit, you can face Mother Nature with confidence and style.

Remember, we're not just selling you a product; we're offering a solution tailored to your unique lifestyle. Your hopes, comfort, and safety are what drive us. Let's create a home that not only looks great but stands strong too!

Stay snug and safe.

Cris & Bryh x

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