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Tiny Home Climate Control: 7 Clever Solutions to Keep You Comfy Year-Round 🌡

Hello, our lovely Tiny Home Tribe!

Ever had that lingering question, "Do tiny homes turn into saunas in summer and ice boxes in winter?" Honestly, the concern is legit if you've ever been inside a car on a blazing summer day or felt the draft in an old cottage during winter! But, hey, our motto is to always keep things just right, and here’s how we do it.

Two dogs snouts underneath warm blankets

1. Insulation Sensation! 🧥

Where most homes play it safe with minimal insulation, we've upped our game. Our homes come insulated with an R rating of 3.2 as standard. Need more? Say the word, and we can kick it up to 4.2 on request. This means keeping the warmth in during winter and the summer heat out. Perfect, right?

2. Breath of Fresh Air 🌬

Ah, the joy of a gentle breeze wafting through your home! Our window placement is more strategic than a chess master's next move. Designed to encourage cross breezes, they keep your home airy and fresh. And for those extra warm days? We've got opening skylights to let that hot air shimmy its way out.

Graphic of the importance of window placement

3. Rain or Shine Windows ☀️🌧

Our choice of louvers is genius (if we do say so ourselves) - perfect for letting in that fresh air. But here's the kicker: our awning windows mean even during summer drizzles, you can enjoy the sound of rain without the dampness. Say goodbye to sliders or casements that trap you indoors.

Clear louvre windows for letting in fresh air

4. Blinded by the Light? Not Here! 🌅

Our block-out and transparent roller blinds are dual magicians. By day, they shield you from the scorching sun; by night, they cocoon you, providing an extra layer of insulation against the cold.

Block out and transparent roller blinds

5. Cool & Heat On Repeat! ❄️🔥

Toss out those notions of clunky AC units. Our sleek all-in-one reverse cycle air conditioner ensures you stay in a climate-controlled bubble. And nope, no unsightly outdoor units to ruin your home's aesthetics.

6. Always Hot & Ready! 🚿

With our on-demand hot water system, enjoy endless hot showers after those chilly winter walks or simply relax after a long day.

7. Fan-tastic! 🌀

Our iconic baby fan is a champ, especially in our double loft. And for those who prefer a single level, don’t fret. We’ve got full-sized ceiling fans to keep things breezy!

Gorgeous small timber fan perfect for tiny homes

Gorgeous tiny home interior featuring baby fan

To sum it up, when you choose our tiny homes, you're not just getting a compact space. You're investing in a home that understands you - a home that’s always "just right" in every season. As always, creating these climate-smart spaces is an intimate process for us. Why? Because your comfort is our priority.

So, ready to bask in the perfection of Goldilocks living? Dive into our world of tiny homes, where every season feels like a warm embrace.

With tiny love and warm hearts (just the right temperature), Cris & Bryh 🏡❤️

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