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Welcome to Our Tiny Home Community: Where Dreams Find a Room of Their Own! 🏠💫

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Hey there, tiny home enthusiasts!

Welcome back to our little nook on the internet, where we chat about everything small, cozy, and beautifully designed. But today, we're taking a step back to share something close to our hearts.

You see, here at, Big Life Tiny Home we're not just selling tiny homes. We're selling solutions. We're selling freedom. We're selling a way of life that's all about YOU.

Have you ever felt trapped by your big mortgage, lost in the never-ending rooms of your house, or buried under the maintenance of a home you don't really need? We hear you, and we're here to say that less is more!

Owners of Big Life Tiny Home Building Company
Bryh & Cris, Big Life Tiny Home

Why Less is More? 🌻

We firmly believe that a tiny home can be your ticket to a life filled with more of all the good stuff...

Less space…more comfort

Less money…more free time

Less chores…more free time

Less clutter…more beauty

Less cookie-cutter…more custom

Less corporate…more boutique

Less crap…more quality

Less walls…more windows

Less trendy…more unique

Less donga…more homey

Less soulless…more you

We want to invite you into our community of tiny home lovers because we're not just about selling products; we're about listening and responding to your unique needs. Want a space for extended family? Or how about a secondary income by renting your tiny home? We've got you covered!

A Friendship Beyond the Front Door 🚪❤️

When you choose us, you're not just buying a tiny home; you're joining a family. We pride ourselves on getting to know our customers, even staying friends long after the keys are handed over. Creating a home for you is an intimate thing, and we consider it an honour.

Beauty, comfort, luxury, practicality, uniqueness, durability - it's all packed into our small package tailored just for you. Want to see how we work?

So, what do you say? Ready to embark on a tiny but exciting adventure with us? Share your hopes, dreams, and needs, and let us be of service.

Remember, your dreams may be tiny, but they're vast in our eyes. Let's build them together, one cozy room at a time!

With tiny love and big hearts, Cris & Bryh x

Big Life Tiny Home

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