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What Does Trailers with a Load mean? The Wider Side of Tiny Living In Australia

Hey not so tiny house enthusiasts!

Ever heard of the "trailer with a load" classification for tiny homes in Australia? If not, buckle up (literally and metaphorically), as we embark on a jaunt through the quirky, confusing, yet utterly delightful world of tiny house regulations down under.

3.0m Tiny Home Trailer with a load

Trailers with a Load: What does it mean?

Imagine building your dream tiny house on a standard trailer. In the eyes of Aussie regulations, your snug little abode isn't part of the trailer but a load on top of it. Think of it as a hat for your trailer – stylish, and functional, but not permanently attached!

Beautiful Tiny Home Builds in Australia

Perks of Being a "Load":

  1. Size Matters: One of the standout advantages? Size, mate! Unlike traditional caravans, trailers with a load allow you to stretch out a bit. You can build your tiny home wider, reaching up to a luxurious 3 or even 3.5 metres. More room for that king-size bed or that jacuzzi you’ve been dreaming of (just kidding, or am I?).

  2. To register or not register: We build your trailer to be “registrable” meeting all relevant regulations and sporting a VIN number. We can go the extra step of actually getting it registered so you get a nifty license plate which you may want if you are relying on saying that this is a vehicle not a home on your property. This does however come with the extra expense of registration and wiring with lights.

  3. Bypassing the Red Tape: Given its "temporary load" status, you might dodge some of the more stringent residential permitting. It’s like sneaking an extra biscuit during tea time - cheeky but oh-so-satisfying! So just to be clear… you will be telling anyone who will listen that that is not a “home” it is a load that is sitting on your trailer and can be removed. It’s a bit like the cubby house theory.

3.0m Tiny Home Trailer with a load

Wrapping It Up:

Tiny living in Australia, especially with the "trailer with a load" twist, is a bit like a kangaroo hop - unpredictable at times but always full of energy and excitement. As you dive into this venture, arm yourself with knowledge, a sense of humour, and maybe a tape measure to ensure you’re making the most of that 3.5-metre width.

Check out our Tiny Home designs which are fully customisable to your heart's desire! Happy tiny house building! Cris & Bryh x

Want to build with us? Contact us today and let's get started!

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