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Designing for Duos: 10 Pet-Friendly Tiny Home Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Tiny homes aren't just for humans anymore! If you're a pet parent, you deserve a space that caters to your furry friends without sacrificing style and function.

At Big Life Tiny Home, we can help design and build a cozy, pet-friendly tiny home tailored to you and your pets' needs. Here are some innovative ideas that we can bring to life in your new home.

Woman with dog sitting outside tiny home

Pet-Perfect Bunk Beds

Let us create custom built-in bunk beds where your pets can relax in style. Whether it's an elevated pet bed or a cozy nook under your loft, your pets will love their little retreat, and it'll add a charming touch to your home.

Multi-Tasking Pet Stations

We can integrate a pet feeding station with pull-out drawers for food, treats, and toys. This practical and organised solution shows that you're serious about stylish pet-friendly living.

Window Lounges

Your pets will be captivated by nature's show outside the window. We can craft a comfortable window perch where your pets can enjoy endless bird-watching and daydreaming.

Paw-Approved Flooring

Choose pet-friendly flooring that's easy to clean and soft on paws. We'll help you select materials like vinyl or laminate and accent with rugs for a luxurious and practical touch.

Cat Climbing Wonderland

For the kitties, we can incorporate vertical features like shelves, ramps, and scratching posts. These additions not only entertain your cats but also maximise floor space.

Outdoor Pet Oasis

Let us design a mini pet garden or potty area that gives your pets a taste of the outdoors. We can install pet-safe fences or cat-run enclosures to keep your furry friends secure.

Pet Supply Storage

We can create dedicated storage spaces for pet supplies like leashes, toys, and grooming tools. Everything will be easily accessible and your tiny home will stay clutter-free.

Pet-Proof Materials

We can help you select pet-friendly upholstery and fabrics that resist scratching, are easy to clean, and are comfy for both pets and humans.

Pet Relaxation Nooks

Let us design a peaceful corner with soft lighting, plush cushions, and maybe even a mini indoor water fountain. It'll be the perfect spot for your pets to chill after a day of fun.

Playful Pet Decor

We can incorporate pet-centric decor that adds charm to your tiny home. From whimsical wall art to paw-shaped hooks, these touches will celebrate your pet's special place in your home.

Designing a pet-friendly tiny home is about combining style and function in a space that suits both you and your furry companions. With our help, you can create a harmonious haven that reflects your love for design and your beloved pets.

Let us bring your dream tiny home to life!

Do you have a pet who would love to live in a tiny home? Let us know in the comments!

Cris & Bryh x

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Sarah At FocusOnSimple
Sarah At FocusOnSimple
Sep 26, 2023

Example photos would have been a bonus :)


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