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Weird and Wonderful Storage Solutions: The Art of Stashing Stuff in Style! 📦

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

From tiny homes to traditional houses, unique storage solutions tap into creativity to stash our belongings. Let's explore some unusual but brilliant storage solutions that tiny home enthusiasts will love!

1. Ceiling Storage: Look Up for Inspiration! ☁️

  • Utilise dead space by hanging baskets or innovative storage units from the ceiling. Quirky, fun, and unique.

2. Wall Storage Cabinets: Think Vertically! 🖼️

  • Turn walls into storage opportunities with sleek cabinets. Ideal for minimalist décor enthusiasts.

3. Kickboard Kitchen Drawers: A Footstep into Storage Genius 🦶

  • Hidden drawers in your kitchen's kickboards create secret storage right under your feet!

4. Storage Under Sofa Cushions: Lounge in Comfort and Convenience 🛋️

  • Store remotes or favourite books inside your sofa's cushion compartments. Convenience at its best!

5. Under Mattress Drawers: Sweet Dreams of Organisation 🛏️

  • Use space under your mattress for storage or a pull-out dog bed. A space-saving dream come true!

6. Fold Up/Down Study Desk: Study Smart, Save Space 📖

  • A foldable desk that vanishes into the wall. Perfect for studying or working from home.

7. Waterproof Boxes Under Tiny Home: Out of Sight, Safe and Dry 📦

  • Tiny home lovers can use waterproof boxes under their homes to store seasonal items or tools. A hidden gem of storage space!

8. Smart Clothing and Shoe Storage: Dress to Impress with Less Stress 👗

  • Use vacuum-sealed bags, tiered hangers, and shoe organisers to maximise space in drawers and closets. Keep your wardrobe sleek and tidy!

9. Bed Hammock for Your Cat: Purr-fectly Adorable 🐱

  • Make Fluffy's dreams come true with a hammock stuck to your window. It saves space and keeps your furry friend happily looking out the window. We're full of pet-friendly design hacks!

Embrace the Unconventional 🎉🏡

Check out our How to declutter blog for tips on minimising your stuff! At Big Life Tiny Home, we believe in creating bespoke solutions that resonate with your unique needs. Whatever you need to store, we will try our absolute best to make a space for it!

Cris & Bryh

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