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Tiny Home Living for Families: 7 Ways to Create Cozy Corners for All

Hello, beautiful people! 👋

Ever heard the saying, "The closer, the better"? Well, when it comes to tiny homes and families, it couldn’t ring truer. Think about it: how many times have you heard travellers share tales of bonding on boat trips or caravan adventures? They always end with the same heartwarming note – the tight spaces brought them closer, turning every little corner into a love nest of sorts. Heck, many say they've turned into human versions of snuggling puppies, always finding each other's company even when there's an entire house to roam! 🐶

Kitchen, stairs and loft of beautiful Tiny Home

But hey, let's keep it real. We all need our "me-time", right? A tiny home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on that cherished personal space. No, siree!

🚀 For those nighttime owls or early bird risers, we can add drop-down roller blinds. At night, they create intimate cocoons, and during the day? They roll up, making your tiny space feel like a grand ballroom. Waltz, anyone?

🎓 Got a budding scholar? Our extended double loft can be fitted with a nifty desk space – perfect for hitting those books or scribbling in those diaries. Remember, little nooks inspire the grandest dreams.

Desk fitted into cozy corner for kids

🚲 And for our energetic kiddos (and let’s admit equally energetic parents), the outdoors is your playground! Swap out tabletop Jenga for its giant sibling. Embrace swings, bikes, and all things fun. Nature's your oyster, so dive right in!

Kids enjoying the outdoors on a swing

🍲 Concerned about tiny kitchens? Fret not! Our tiny home kitchens might be compact, but they’re spacious enough for some family cook-offs with full-sized ovens, fridges, pantries and a dishwasher. Just imagine, stirring pots and sharing giggles, all while prepping Friday night dinner.

We might give you just one bathroom sink but it's still wide enough for 2 to brush their teeth. We also give you a roomy 900x900 shower (not the dreaded caravan-style shower). Pretty sure when my two were little we all fit in a shower this size…along with the Barbies and dinosaurs who needed a bath!

Large shower in Tiny Home

🎒 Storage? Ah, the eternal challenge. But it’s nothing a sprinkle of minimalism can't fix. We can help you with ingenious ideas for storage solutions! And for seasonal items, why not a cute little shed as an accessory to your tiny home?

Lastly, your tiny home is just the start. Embrace the outdoors! Extend your living with a deck, throw in a communal dining table, and maybe a fire pit. This lets you invite the extended family (or not 😊) and all your friends over to crush on your tiny home.

Remember, folks, when you choose us, you’re not just picking a home. You're opting for a life brimming with memories, coziness, and a whole lot of love. Our mission is simple: to make sure your tiny dreams translate into vast realities, one cozy room at a time for all your family members (2 legged and 4 legged).

With tiny love and big hearts, 🏡❤️ Cris & Bryh

Want to build with us? Contact us today and let's get started!

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